When I enter the classroom I cannot see the other users

When you enter to the classroom you see only a white (or black) page it could depends on two options: You have an issue with your webcam. When you enter...

28 03 2020 / Posted by Giorgio
I cannot book a conversation

The reasons can be 2: You are not logged in to our platform. Only registered and logged in users can book a conversation The reservation is closed. In fact, it...

28 03 2020 / Posted by Giorgio
When I purchase a package I receive a confirmation email but not the invoice

Our systems automatically send a receipt when the talk is purchased. The invoice does not trigger automatically. If there is a need to have an invoice immediately, you can contact...

28 03 2020 / Posted by Giorgio
I hear the echo of my voice

The echo of one's voice is typical of all audio chat systems. The technology used by Feelfluent is advanced and considerably reduces this problem but, if it should arise, it...

28 03 2020 / Posted by Giorgio
I canceled a conversation but the talk was not credited back to me

The re-crediting of a talk used for a reservation of a conversation occurs only if the cancellation submits within 4 hours before the beginning of the conversation. The moments of...

28 03 2020 / Posted by Giorgio