Terms of use


Rooms are virtual environments where conversations take place.

They are classified by language and level and can host a maximum of 5 participants + the mother-tongue tutor.


A “TALK” is a token you can spend to participate to a conversation.

Upon registration you will be awarded 2 “talks”

  • the first must be used for a “level-check” talk with a tutor
  • the second can be used for a group of 1:1 conversation

Duration of conversations

Duration of conversations is based on a “cost-sharing” model.

Max number of participants: 5

Max conversation duration: 1 hour

Each participant contributes to 1/5 (12 minutes) of the total duration (1 hour) by spending 1 talk.

In any case though, Feel Fluent will round up the total duration so that you can enjoy conversations more then you paid.

1 participant: 20 mins (in this case the conversation turn to a one-to-one mode)

2 participants: 30 mins

3 participants45 mins

4, 5 participants: 1 hour

In case of conversations with a duration of less than 1 hour, each participant can decide to extend the duration to up to 1 hour by spending additional “talks”. Each extension lasts 15 minutes.


Your language fluency level will be set after the first “level-check” conversation with the tutor.

Levels are:

Basic1: You are not enough fluent to interact with a group, and you are only allowed to 1:1 conversations with the tutor

Basic2: You understand and use basic sentences of daily use (who are you? Where do you live? What’s your occupation? How old are you?)

Medium: You can interact with a simple but complete set of expressions

High: You are quite fluent and spontaneously use advanced expresions


Feel Fluent requires participants to complete registration.

During registration, users will be asked “Name”, “email” and “Language of interest”.

Registration will automatically award 2 “talks”.

The first must be used for a Level-check conversation with a tutor.


Access to conversation rooms is only possible through booking.

You can use the calendar to see when conversations suitable for your language and level are scheduled.

Conversations are structured by the tutor, with the following patterns:

  • Comprehension of a video
  • Article reading
  • Dictation
  • Vocabulary building
  • Phrasal verbs


In case all participants have troubles accessing the conversation room, Feel Fluent will refund booked participants with 1 talk

In all other cases, Feel Fluent will not be responsible for single participants having access problems and will not refund the talk.

In order to avoid any possible issues, we recommend you to check your devices are working well in advance respect to the scheduled conversation.


You can cancel a booking no later than 4 hours before start of scheduled conversation. Late cancellations will result in the unrefundability of the talk.

Devices and technology

Feel Fluent does not require any additional software installed on your devices.

Requirements are:

Device: You will need a computer or a last generation portable device with camera and microphone. In case of smartphones and tablets you will need to set your browser to “request desktop site” prior to entering conversations.

Browser: You will access rooms through a web browser. As of now, the recommended browser is Google Chrome.

Network: A wifi connection with an acceptable bandwidth is recommended. The first 2 free talks you will be awarded will help you understand if your internet connection is good enough. In case of connection speed issues, we recommend you to get a better connection before buying any additional talks.