Feel Fluent (FF) is a free online platform that allows you to practice speaking and understanding foreign languages

Learning anything requires practice beyond study, and language larning is no exception.

Constant exercise is paramount to mastering a foreign language, and FF enables you to talk with anyone who’s willing to get better like you!

FF is no replacement to a language course, but it is a fundamental complement for learning.

You will find the themed categorization of audio-video-chat-rooms a useful companion to your vocabulary-expansion needs

FF is the n.1 online platform allowing you to practice foreign languages by joining audio-video chat-rooms defined by language, proficiency and topics of discussion.

You will only need your account and a computer equipped with webcam and microphone (for best experience we recommend wearing headphones)

Were you looking for a way to save foreign language practicing costs? Join us!

FF offers the practicing service for free to signed-up users.

You  only need to register, choose a username and a password and select the language you wish to practice and your current proficiency level.

A man who speaks one language is worth one man; a man who speaks two languages is worth two men; a man who speaks three languages is worth the whole humanity.

African proverb


/ How it works

Sign up

Access the registration page to create your free account. In order to use FF you must be a registered user.


Access the login page and type the username and password you chose upon the registration step

Book a conversation event

Access the calendar page and book a conversation; be sure to choose an event in the language and level most appropriate for you, in a day and time you can attend

Access the conversation event

Starting from 15 minutes before the scheduled even, a link to the room will be made available here .


Rooms are virtual meeting places where conversation events take place. Rooms are defined by language and proficiency level; they can host up to 6 people, no more, for optimal experience.

  • Basic: The user understands and uses basic sentences to interact and meet daily needs (who they are, how do you call, where you live, what you do, how old are you, what about your school, ..).
  • Medium: The user can interact by exposing sentences based on a simple vocabulary.
  • High: The user can interact with a certain degree of fluency and spontaneity by exposing sentences based on an extensive vocabulary.
  • Native: The user manages all situations and arguments in a confident way using a fluent language that is similar to mother tongue

FF requires its users to be complete the sign up process.

During registration you will be asked your name, your email address, the language you wish to practice and your current level of proficiency in that language.


In order to access conversations you need to book an event. You can take a look at the calendar to see when conversation events in the language and level relevant for you are scheduled.

Conversation events are also based of different “starting topics”  meant to provide a common ground to light-up discussions, although users can take the conversation to whatever desired topic.

You can take a look at your personal list of bookings by accessing the “My bookings” section.


/ Conduct Ethics

FF has set its mission on principles of professionalism, transparency and ethical behaviors. FF is a free platform and does not control conversations therefore requires respect between users and collaboration with platform referrals by reporting unwanted users that take unrespectful behaviors. Platform administrators will not be responsible for such behaviors but are available to provide any support to identify and disable unwanted users. After you report an unrespectful user,  administrators will open an investigation to ascertain the facts and take the necessary countermeasures to prevent unpleasant behavior from appearing again.

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    / Contacts

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    You can write us at

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