What are the terms of use of Feelfluent

The terms of use are detailed at the TERMS OF USE link

However, the basic conditions are as follows

  • CANCELLATION POLICY: it is possible to cancel up to 4 hours before the conversations begin to obtain the re-accreditation of the talk used for the booking. This re-accreditation takes place automatically.
  • BOOKING POLICY: it is possible to book up to 2 hours before the conversation starts
  • TALK RE-ACCREDITATION POLICY FOR PROBLEMS WITH THE SESSION: if all booked users for the conversation report the impossibility of accessing the classroom due to technical problems, the talk will be returned to everyone. In this case it will be necessary to send an email to report the problem.
  • RE-ACCREDITATION OF THE TALK BECAUSE THE TUTOR DIDN’T SHOW UP: this is an extreme scenario that is not compatible with the agreements that regulate the working relationship between Feelfluent and its tutors. That said, there may be a last minute impediment to the tutors that prevents them from being able to participate in the conversation. In this case, the talk will be re-credited upon notification via email.
    email contact: [email protected]