What is the Reservation Helper?

The Reservation Helper is used to identify group conversations in which there is at least one user booked and there are still available seats. The aim is to avoid finding...

02 04 2020 / Posted by Giorgio
Where can I get the link to enter the classroom?

Login to our website the day of your booked conversation, in the LOGIN-MY FEELFLUENT page you will see a list of your booked conversations for the current day and a...

28 03 2020 / Posted by Giorgio
What I need to join a classroom

To join a classroom you are not required to install any software. You could access our classroom by your browser. Here are the most important requirements The Chrome browser because...

28 03 2020 / Posted by Giorgio
How can I cancel a booked conversation

To cancel a conversation you have to use MY-BOOKING tool. Here you can locate the history of your booking and you have the possibility to cancel your future conversations. We recommend...

28 03 2020 / Posted by Giorgio
How can I get in contact with the Feelfluent Admin?

Administrators can be contacted via email at [email protected] or through the CONTACTS tab located at the bottom of our Hompage.

28 03 2020 / Posted by Giorgio
What should I do to use Feelfluent?

In order to use Feelfluent you need to register on the platform. To register, access the REGISTRATION menu. After entering all the required data and submitting the request, the system...

28 03 2020 / Posted by Giorgio